Social Media Dating Concerns Cited In Death Of Virginia Teen

The arrest of two Virginia Tech students in the abduction and murder of a 13-year-old girl who posted on a Facebook group called Teen Dating and Flirting has set off new concerns about the dangers to young people who seek liaisons on social media, the New York Times reports. Students David Eisenhauer, 18, of Columbia, Md., and Natalie Keepers, 19, of Laurel, Md., both aspiring engineers,are being held without bond. They are charged in the death of Nicole Madison Lovell, 13, a liver transplant recipient who disappeared from her home last week. The Times says the murder stunned the college community, though Virginia Tech, the site of a 2007 massacre that was the deadliest shooting by a single gunman in U.S. history, is no stranger to sorrow and tragedy. Stacey Snider, a neighbor of Nicole, said one of her daughters had given law enforcement authorities information that may have played a role in the arrests.

Why Are Milwaukee’s Homicides Spiking? No One Has The Answer

There were 145 homicide victims in Milwaukee last year, the highest total since 1993’s 160. The spike was a nearly 69 percent increase from 2014, an increase higher than the headline-grabbing changes in Baltimore, St. Louis and Washington, D.C., reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The rise in Milwaukee is stark partly because the city recorded one of its lowest totals in a generation in 2014: 86 victims. The question plaguing Milwaukee and other cities with rising homicide totals is the same: Why? “That is the million dollar question,” said Mallory O’Brien, an epidemiologist who leads the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission, which analyzes shootings in the city looking for causes and solutions.

Some Cities Where Murder Rose Had No Racially Charged Police Killings

The Washington Post published its own calculation and analysis of homicide increases in the largest U..S. cities last year, reported here earlier this week. Homicides in the 50 largest cities rose nearly 17 percent last year, the greatest increase in lethal violence in a quarter century. An analysis of preliminary crime data found that about 770 more people were killed in major cities last year than the year before, the worst annual change since 1990. The killings increased as some law enforcement officials and conservative commentators warned that violent crime was on the rise amid a climate of hostility toward police.