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Want to Reform Policing in Your City? Here’s How

As Donald Trump prepares to take office tomorrow after campaigning on a “law and order” agenda, police reformers will increasingly focus on pushing for change at local levels. Finding the mayors and city council members who can drive that change should be their top priority.

Susan Broderick

Addiction and the Next Attorney General

The nation’s devastating opioid ftepidemic should be high on the list of topics raised at the confirmation hearings for AG-designate Jeff Sessions. Here’s how Sessions could rise to the challenge.

Gregg Barak

Defining Multinational Corporate Crime Down

Multinational corporations have so far been able to escape penalties for human rights and environmental violations. There are alternatives to criminal sanctions worth considering –but will the new leadership at the Department of Justice consider them?

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Why Cracking Down on Sex Sites Won’t Stop Traffickers

California’s suit against the owners of is the latest example of attempts to go after sites that provide cover for sex traffickers. But eliminating them from the Web will make it more difficult for authorities to track exploiters of women and minors.

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Promoting LGBTI Tolerance in Prison: The Hardest Challenge

For gays and other LBGTI inmates, prison authorities are the most important allies. In one Washington State facility, zero-tolerance policies towards harassment are making significant inroads against the culture of “hyper-masculinity” behind bars.

Marchers at Michigan Celebrarte Recovery Palooza Sept 2014. Photo by Sacred Heart via Flickr

Memo to Trump: Add Drug Courts to Your Anti-Crime Strategy

During the last campaign, Donald Trump promised to address drug addiction by expanding access to treatment and providing incentives for states to use drug courts and mandatory treatment programs. That’s one election promise he should fulfill.