Wildlife enforcement in California. Photo courtesy California Fish and Wildlife.

The ‘Thin Green Line’ Could Use Some Help

Crime is increasing in our parks, wilderness areas and forestlands, but the number of law enforcement personnel available to protect them is actually decreasing. Whether they track poachers or hunt down drug smugglers and terrorists, the ranks of game wardens and other personnel are underfunded–and understaffed.

Sanuel Walker

Why Police Reform Won’t Die Under Trump

Pessimists need to take a time-out, says one of the nation’s top experts on policing. The fact that so many police managers across the country already embrace new, community-conscious styles of law enforcement offers reason for guarded optimism—whatever the next president’s hardliner justice team may do.

Photo by Fibonacci Blue via Flickr

The Coming Storm: Meeting the Challenge of a New Deportation Regime

The tools are already in place to fulfill President-elect Trump’s pledge to begin a mass deportation of what he terms “criminal aliens.” Local law enforcement agencies can take the lead, and local governments have plenty of incentive to put those tools to use.

Photo by G20 Voice via Flickr

Cops, Trump and the Threat to Police Reform

Fundamental change in American policing can’t co-exist with the mindset that the President-elect and allies like Jeff Sessions, the attorney general-designate, are bringing to the justice portfolio, Unless local agencies take the lead, that could spell more trouble in the streets.


The Prison Code of Silence

Turning a blind eye to the cruelty prisoners inflict on each other may be an understandable form of self-preservation. But the psychological cost for inmates is high.

Mary Buser

The ‘Misery of Solitary Confinement’

New York City will no longer send youths 21 and under to solitary confinement. A former prison health care provider says it’s time to apply such an approach nationwide–and for professional associations of social workers and psychologists to put their clout behind efforts to toss this “inhumane” practice into the dustbins of history.