R2D2 by Alberto Garcia

Silicon Valley Wagers on Robots to Supplement Human Cops

R2D2-style robots are being used to patrol parking lots, shopping centers and corporate campuses in California. They can read license plates and detect humans in places they’re not supposed to be. Funding for robotics startups hit nearly $600 million last year as investors bank on these machines supplementing–if not supplanting–human security guards and police officers.

Photo by Jhaymeslsvlphotography via Flickr

Police Are Losing Battle Against Texting While Driving

Distracted-driving fatalities continue to climb, but police say texting while driving is trending upward–even though motorists are well aware of the danger. “It’s everyone, kids, older people — everyone,” says a Massachusetts cop. “When I stop someone, they say, ‘You’re right. I know it’s dangerous, but I heard my phone go off and I had to look at it.'”

Policing With Algorithms

Identifying crime threats by using mathematical formulae is no longer science fiction. But are we prepared to handle the implications?