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Changing the “Culture of Policing”—One Recruit at a Time

The New York Police Department’s new approach to training is embodied in a $950 million facility that includes a gym and Olympic-sized pool. Will it become a model for the nation? TCR launches a special series profiling the new generation of cops who the NYPD hopes will change the face of policing in New York.

Osborn Correctional Institution. Courtesy Connecticut Department of Corrections

How Connecticut became a model for prison reform

Behind the walls of the Osborn Correctional Institution stands a laboratory for one of the most aggressive experiments in criminal justice reform currently underway in the United States. Under the stewardship of Gov. Dannel Malloy, a Democrat, Connecticut has seen its prison population fall to a 20-year low, while rates of reported violent crime have plummeted.

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Cops, Trump and the Threat to Police Reform

Fundamental change in American policing can’t co-exist with the mindset that the President-elect and allies like Jeff Sessions, the attorney general-designate, are bringing to the justice portfolio, Unless local agencies take the lead, that could spell more trouble in the streets.

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The Law and Order President

Donald Trump’s stunning upset victory raises questions about the future of the federal justice policy reform agenda advanced by a bipartisan coalition over the past several years.

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Are Young Girls ‘More Severely Punished’ Than Boys?

The number of incarcerated juvenile girls is rising, and reformers blame a ‘paternalistic’ court system that treats them differently from young boys. “If incarceration is truly a matter of public safety, you would see very few girls in that system,” says Boston attorney Francine Sherman, whose 2015 report, “Gender Injustice,” will be the focus of an upcoming Washington meeting.

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The Digital Courtroom

More than 85 percent of U.S. courtrooms have now adopted electronic recording. Far from solving the inefficiencies of the court reporter system, digital record-making is causing serious trial holdups and glitches. Some observers say it leads to miscarriages of justice.