Supreme Court

Will Civil Rights Protections Survive the Trump Era?

Representatives of NAACP and MALDEF tell a New Orleans conference they’ll fight any efforts by the next administration to turn back the clock on civil rights and justice reform —but they also hope they won’t have to.

For Trump’s High Court, Ivy Leaguers Need Not Apply

The president-elect’s list of 21 potential court nominees eschews coast-dwelling Harvard and Yale alums in favor of heartlanders with credentials from schools like Notre Dame, Marquette, the University of Georgia and the University of Miami. About half now sit on state supreme courts, and each is a committed judicial conservative.


Search, Seize, Convict?

Can evidence obtained illegally be used against you in court? Sometimes it can—and this summer, the Supreme Court dramatically expanded the government’s ability to use evidence obtained during an illegal police detention. The ruling creates problematic incentives for police, and pushes Fourth Amendment law into “uncharted territory,” claims a former federal prosecutor.