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Why Do We Criminalize Young Victims of Sex Trafficking?

A California law effective this month bars prosecutors from charging minors with prostitution. But the practice of bringing juveniles who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation into court happens more often than we would expect in many parts of the country.

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Why Cracking Down on Sex Sites Won’t Stop Traffickers

California’s suit against the owners of is the latest example of attempts to go after sites that provide cover for sex traffickers. But eliminating them from the Web will make it more difficult for authorities to track exploiters of women and minors.

Panel Clears Judge in Stanford Swimmer Case

The State Commission on Judicial Performance said Judge Aaron Persky’s six-month jail sentence of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman was within the bounds of legal penalties. Persky’s opponents vow to continue seeking his removal from the bench.