Getting Out of Solitary

A new report highlights the progress made in a number of states to reduce the use of isolation in prisons–even as the nation continues to remain an international “outlier” in the practice.

"Youth Study Center" built in 1948 to house Philadelphia juvenile offenders. Photo by Ezra Wolfe via Flickr

‘Every Youth Prison in the Country Should Be Closed’

Our two-centuries-old system of dealing with delinquent youth is past reforming, say the authors of a Harvard Kennedy School paper. It should be replaced with a “community-based” approach that focuses on developmental needs, and reserves smaller and more rehabilitation-oriented facilities for those young people who need secure placement.

Photo by Lisa Brewster via Flickr

The Law Is Not as Blind as It Seems

An Australian study says “trauma-stricken” individuals cause stress among the health professionals and lawyers who work with them, including those who work with justice-involved populations–indirectly affecting their ability to perform their jobs.