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Expunging the ‘Scarlet Letter’ of Arrest, Conviction Records

An estimated 25-30 percent of the adult population of Americans have criminal records—a “staggering” number which continues to increase, and which should make addressing the barriers that prevent this population from leading productive lives a top priority, says a Harvard Law and Policy Review study.

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The Opioid Epidemic and the Justice System

Corrections officials at a Philadelphia conference call medication-assisted drug treatment a “game-changer” for inmates who otherwise are likely to relapse upon release. But it’s still a tough sell in many states.

Lorenzo Brooks, right, and his classmate, Barbara Price, compare notes as they work on a group project at the Resource Training Center in New York. (Photo by Alice Popovici)

Life After Prison: Giving Back

In Part 5 of our series following the journey of a formerly incarcerated man back to ‘civilian’ life, Lorenzo Brooks begins to find his footing—and a path to a career.