Minor Crimes, Major Challenges

Police enforcement of minor crimes contributes to clogged courts and may exacerbate racial tensions, write John Jay President Jeremy Travis and associate professor of psychology Preeti Chauhan. Last Friday, John Jay College announced the creation of a data-driven research network aimed at helping policymakers and law enforcement authorities explore different approaches.

Racial Bias ‘Can’t Be Dismissed’ in Police Use of Force

White officers use greater force on black suspects than on white suspects, according to a two-year study of seven police agencies in 7 U.S. cities by researchers at Arizona State University and the University of Central Florida. One of the co-authors cautions it suggests possible bias but “doesn’t prove it.”

How Bail ‘Criminalizes’ Poverty

New Orleans spends more to administer its bail system than it earns in revenue from bail, fines and fees—with a devastating impact on the city’s poorest residents, most of them African-American, according to a study released Tuesday by the Vera Institute of Justice.

In D.C., Police Trust Crisis Is Born of Experience, Not Videos

Conventional wisdom suggests that African-Americans have lost their trust in police as a result of viral videos of deadly interactions between officers and black citizens. But an analysis of citizen complaints and civil lawsuits in the District of Columbia asserts that trust has been destroyed in personal experiences with cops. “It made me hate the police,” said a woman involved in one troubling incident.