A Virginia prison. Still courtesy of "Life Is My Movie Entertainment."

Incarceration Nation: How We Got Here

A new documentary, which premiered last night in Washington DC, traces the evolution of America’s modern prison-industrial complex to its drug-war roots. Director Regan Hines tells TCR why he believes reforms must begin with an acknowledgment of that grim history.


Policing Immigrants: Getting Past the Myths

The “patchwork” of local laws and federal actions is no way to make policy, says the co-author of a new book that applies real data to an issue that’s been clouded by polarizing rhetoric and misinformation this election campaign.

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A Death in Brooklyn

A short prizewinning narrative film about the fatal shooting by a police officer of an unarmed black youth is a chilling reminder of real-life tragedies in too many American neighborhoods. That’s one reason director Michael Marantz hopes it can serve as a “tool” for dialogue and change.

Illustration by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

Overcoming the Politics of Fear

In his latest book, criminologist William R. Kelly offers an approach to justice reform that counters the scare-mongering and uninformed rhetoric of this year’s presidential election campaign.


Trading Weapons for Salamanders

A national park ranger uses nature, history and community service to widen the horizons of gang youth and other troubled kids—and provide an alternative to jail.


‘It’s About Us Figuring Out What Our Power Is’

A new autobiography about life as a dealer in East Baltimore explores the mentality and circumstances of a man who succeeded in and then escaped from a life of drugs, decadence, and violence.


‘Doing the Right Thing’

In a new book examining the data, three cops find the number of ‘unjustified’ police killings is smaller than the public thinks—but higher than cops think.