Trump’s Casual Riffs on Nuclear Arms Race Leave Many Startled

The tweet-happy president-elect prompted the latest puzzlement over his vague, seemingly impromptu policy riffs when he posted a Twitter note that America “must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability.” Rachel Maddow, the MSNBC host, says, “There are a lot of people hiding under the bed right now because it doesn’t seem like he knows what he’s talking about on this issue.”

Photo by David Robert Bliwas via Flickr

Let’s Listen to Cops—If We Want Real Policing Reform

There’s a troubling gap between what senior police managers and outside reformers want law enforcement to become, and what most ordinary cops see as threatening to their livelihoods and safety. Here are some ways to bridge the gap—and restore trust and transparency.

Photo by Kaushik Narasimhan via Flickr

Congress OKs $1 Billion to Tackle America’s Drug Crisis

The 21st Century Cures Act approved yesterday contains provisions aimed at curbing the nation’s opioid epidemic including treatment programs and drug courts. It’s the second piece of legislation impacting criminal justice passed in the final days of this Congress.

As Use-of-Force Policy Stalls, SF Officials Blame Police Union

San Francisco officials approved a new law enforcement use-of-force policy earlier this year, inspired by a controversial police shooting last December. But the local police union is being accused of hindering its implementation. At a meeting Tuesday, a city supervisor criticized the union’s “outsized influence” and suggested it seeks to “hark back to the 1950s.”