Videos of Controversial Police Actions Show That Officers Lie

BuzzFeed News reviewed 62 examples since 2008 of video footage contradicting a cop’s statement in a police report or testimony. In almost every case, the officers lied to justify their actions retroactively. Of the 62 incidents, only 22 led to charges being filed against an officer, and of those, only nine have resulted in convictions.

Baltimore Police Cut Use of Tasers Nearly in Half

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis issued a new a policy in July that required officers to use Tasers only when suspects display “active aggression,” a standard that conforms to a recent federal court ruling and widely accepted best practices. The previous standard allowed police to shock individuals simply for failing to follow an officer’s orders.

No Charges in 17 Killings by Cincinnati Police

It’s simple, says prosecutor Joe Deters: all those shot were reported to have a weapon. “Ninety-nine percent of these cases aren’t tough calls,” he says. “If you don’t want to be shot by the Cincinnati police, don’t shoot at the Cincinnati police, don’t pull a gun on the Cincinnati police, don’t pull a knife on the Cincinnati police.”

Samuel Walker

Want to Reform Policing in Your City? Here’s How

As Donald Trump takes office after campaigning on a “law and order” agenda, police reformers will increasingly focus on pushing for change at local levels. Finding the mayors and city council members who can drive that change should be their top priority.

Police Increasingly Using ‘The Wrap’ on Unruly Suspects

The stiff nylon blanket is wrapped around suspects’ legs while a chest harness holds their handcuffed hands in place and keeps them sitting upright, so they can breathe easily. The Wrap is replacing the decades-old “maximum restraint,” or hogtie system. That involves cuffing wrists and wrapping the ankles with a hobble strap, a position that has been linked to suffocation deaths.