Dallas Ex-Chief David Brown to Join ABC News

Brown, who retired after 33 years on the police force, was in the national spotlight after a gunman ambushed and killed five police officers last summer. ABC’s James Goldston said he will provide a “unique perspective” on economic inequality, gun violence, race relations, and social justice.

That Viral Map of Crime and Democratic Voters? It’s Fake

The maps, shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, purport to show a correlation between high crime rates and Democratic voters. The hoax has been kicking around the Internet since an anti-science blogger posted it in 2013. Snopes.com debunked the graphic last week, but that hasn’t stopped its viral sharing.

With ‘Live PD,’ A&E Seeks to Display Nuances of Police Work

The new weekly TV show airs real-time footage to chronicle police patrols in six U.S. cities. The host says ‘Live TV’ is fundamentally different from “Cops,” the long-running police reality TV show. “‘Cops’ was about the wacky, crazy moments of people interacting with the police,” he says, while ‘Live TV’ “is really about showing the nuances.”

Chief Cites Austin Cop for ‘Stupidity’ in Viral Video Fracas

An hour-long video posted on YouTube shows Officer James Maufrais following volunteer cop-watcher Phillip Turner around a bank parking lot after he began recording a traffic stop, shining his flashlight directly into the lens of Turner’s camera. Turner was detained for about an hour for no legitimate reason. Police Chief Art Acevedo said the officer had violated department and called the incident “self-inflicted stupidity.”