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When a Sibling Goes to Prison

Thousands of young people are sent to prison every day, leaving behind scores of brothers and sisters whom researchers call the “most often overlooked” family members of adjudicated youth. These non-offending siblings often suffer high levels of emotional stress, but so far they’ve been paid scant attention.

Bobby Boyer speaks about his addiction struggle.

‘When You Start Using, Your Mentality Stops’

A juvenile addict finally puts himself on the path to a healthy life. But it took 10 years—and pro-active probation officers to get there. A series by a Pennsylvania journalist explores the role of drug courts in helping others like him.

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Childhood’s End: Jailed at 14, Still Fighting for Freedom

Christopher Thomas’ troubled childhood brought him to the attention of juvenile authorities, and earned him a record that would come back to haunt him when he was sentenced–at the age of 15–to 40 years in connection with an armed robbery in which his lawyer says he was “barely involved.”

Mary Buser

The ‘Misery of Solitary Confinement’

New York City will no longer send youths 21 and under to solitary confinement. A former prison health care provider says it’s time to apply such an approach nationwide–and for professional associations of social workers and psychologists to put their clout behind efforts to toss this “inhumane” practice into the dustbins of history.