Defying Expectations, Gun Sales Up After Trump Win

Analysts had expected gun sales to drop after the evaporation of the perceived threat that a Hillary Clinton presidency would lead to more gun control. The FBI background check system set a new record last Friday. One possible explanation: gun dealers trying to sell a large inventory they had stocked in anticipation of a Clinton victory.

Business Booms for FL Build-Your-Own ‘Ghost Gun’ Firms

At least six firms in Volusia County, Fla., manufacture ‘ghost gun” kits that allow buyers to assemble their own semi-automatic rifles. The parts have no serial numbers or other markings, making them untraceable. The kits take advantage of a loophole in federal gun laws, but one police chief said he has “huge concerns” over their easy availability.

JAMA Study: Strict Gun Laws Reduce Firearm Homicides

A Journal of the American Medical Association study found strong evidence that laws strengthening background checks and purchase permits helped decrease gun homicide rates. A second JAMA paper found an increase in gun homicides following implementation of Florida’s stand-your-ground law in 2005. Such scientific studies of firearms have been rare since Congress began withholding funding for gun violence research 20 years ago.