‘El Chapo’ Appears in Court, U.S. Lays Out Its Case

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán makes a formal not-guilty plea, as U.S. prosecutors detailed their case against the drug lord. The U.S. says Guzmán built an international, multibillion-dollar business, protecting it with a “veritable army, ready to war with competitors and anyone Guzman deemed to be a traitor.”

Photo by Ged Carroll via Flickr

Your Druggist is Watching You

Could your local drugstore be a secret weapon in curbing the epidemic of addictive drug use? An Australian study concludes that a few simple actions by druggists could frighten off traffickers shopping for precursor chemicals used for the production of methamphetamine and similar narcotics.

Susan Broderick

Addiction and the Next Attorney General

The nation’s devastating opioid ftepidemic should be high on the list of topics raised at the confirmation hearings for AG-designate Jeff Sessions. Here’s how Sessions could rise to the challenge.