Christie Spends Last Year As Governor on Addiction Crisis

The governor wants the legislature to pass laws limiting the quantity of opioids doctors can prescribe and mandating insurance coverage for addiction treatment. Substance-abuse experts agree that expanding access to services is critical, but they say figuring out how to get people to enter and stay in treatment is a challenge.

Trump Vows ‘Ruthless’ Antidrug Fight; Experts Dubious

“We’re going to stop the drugs from pouring in,” President Trump told the Major Cities Chiefs Association. One expert, Jonathan Caulkins of Carnegie Mellon University, says, “We overlearned the lesson that supply control doesn’t work and failed to apply it to prescription opioids when we should have.”

Is the Maturing Pot Industry Too Big to Jail?

The pot industry is booming, but some of its leaders warn that under the Trump administration, federal busts and seizures could quickly make a comeback. Attorney General-designate Jeff Sessions left that option open during his confirmation hearing. “There are people in this administration who will crush this industry if they see the opportunity,” said entrepreneur Steve DeAngelo.