Photo by Paul Sableman via Flickr

How Bail ‘Criminalizes’ Poverty

New Orleans spends more to administer its bail system than it earns in revenue from bail, fines and fees—with a devastating impact on the city’s poorest residents, most of them African-American, according to a study released Tuesday by the Vera Institute of Justice.

It’s ‘Wrongful Arrest by Software’ In California Counties

Several counties in Northern California report problems with new software called Odyssey Case Manager. The public defender in Alameda County near San Francisco has learned of dozens of cases in which people have been wrongfully arrested, detained in jail when they should have been released, or erroneously told to register as sex offender because of software errors.

Robin Barton

Why Defendants Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Represent Themselves

Accused Charleston mass murderer Dylann Roof’s request to act as his own lawyer—now limited to the sentencing phase—raises some hard questions about whether true justice can be achieved without competent, effective representation.