Photo by Ben Stanfield via Flickr

‘Dear President Obama’

Letters by prison inmates to outgoing President Obama, written for The Beat Within prison writers workshop. One writer says, “You put ‘us’ on the map once and for all.”

Donaldson Prison, Bessemer Al. Photo by David Krajicek

Nation’s Prison Population Dropped 2 Percent in 2015

The national inmate total fell in 2015–the largest single year drop since the incarcerated population began declining in 2008, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, which also reported the lowest rate of U.S. adults (1 in 37) under correctional supervision since the high-crime era of 1994.

Photo by Krytofr via Flickr

Promoting LGBTI Tolerance in Prison: The Hardest Challenge

For gays and other LBGTI inmates, prison authorities are the most important allies. In one Washington State facility, zero-tolerance policies towards harassment are making significant inroads against the culture of “hyper-masculinity” behind bars.