Giuliani Will Advise Trump on Cybersecurity

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will advise President-elect Donald Trump on the issue of cybersecurity. Giuliani, who has spent the last 16 years as a private security consultant, will “from time to time” assemble meetings between Trump and corporate executives who face cyberthreats, the New York Times reports. “We’ve let our defense fall behind,” Giuliani said yesterday. “Our offense is way ahead of our defense.”

The announcement reflected how far Giuliani had fallen in the Trump universe. He remains a close friend of Trump, according to associates. But he will not be moving to Washington, as he once hoped, and instead of having his political career rejuvenated after his failed run for president in 2008, he will continue to run his consulting firm. From the start of Trump’s campaign, Giuliani was loudly defending the candidate against scandals, attacking Hillary Clinton and President Obama, lashing out at the news media, and boldly asserting that Trump would be the solution to the nation’s problems on race, terrorism, the economy, gender issues, health care and just about everything else.

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