3 thoughts on “Hate Attacks Reported Up Since Trump Election

  1. “We want them to feel that everything around them is against them. And we want them to be afraid.” — That pretty much sums up how unlike Jesus Christ this person is.

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  3. Reading the Tulsa report, the reporter failed to contact Majors or his attorney for comment. Majors has pleaded innocent, but the evidence appears overwhelming that he did it (and I expect the forensic evidence will show it as well). No background or information on Majors was provided.

    But why is this a hate crime, rather than say just another neighbor dispute that got out of hand? Or, more likely, I think Majors is mentally disturbed, which makes this just another killing by a homicidal nut.

    It’s too bad the Jabra’s didn’t learn that the police are only minutes away when seconds count, and they should have legally obtained a gun and learned to use it properly to protect themselves. As many honest policemen have advised others.

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