NYC Outfitting All Prisoner Vans With Security Cameras

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The New York Police Department doesn’t want its own Freddie Gray: every prisoner van in the department’s fleet is getting a security camera, the New York Daily News reports. The cost of the initiative, $2,100 for each of the 110 prisoner vans, is less than $250,000. Gray, 25, suffered a broken neck last year, while riding unrestrained in the back of a Baltimore police van. He died a week later in what was ruled a homicide. Despite prosecutors contending that Gray was killed during a police-ordered “rough ride,” none of the officers charged was convicted.

“This is not a direct result of the Freddie Gray situation but we wanted to take a look at prisoner safety and at officer safety,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Stephen Davis. “A lot of times you have a lot of prisoners in the back of the van and no officer. We have to worry about keeping an eye on them — and there’s also the possibility of an escape.” Another source said the Gray case raised eyebrows. “Can someone make a false allegation against us?” the source said. “Are we vulnerable here?”


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