MO Eliminates Training, Permits for Carrying Concealed Guns

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Republicans in the Missouri legislature used a parliamentary maneuver to kill a Democratic filibuster and override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of a bill eliminating training and permit requirements to carry a concealed gun in public, reports the Kansas City Star. The bill becomes law in 30 days. Previously, gun owners could carry a concealed weapon in public by passing a criminal background check and completing a gun safety training class to get a permit.

On the final day of the this year’s legislative session, lawmakers eliminated those requirements and allowed people to carry concealed firearms in public without a permit. Nixon vetoed the bill, saying it would allow “individuals to legally carry a concealed firearm even though they have been or would be denied a permit because their background check revealed criminal offenses or caused the sheriff to believe they posed a danger.” Joining Nixon in opposing the bill were groups representing law enforcement officers around the state, along with the state’s four Catholic bishops. Sen. Brian Munzlinger, a Republican from Lewis County who sponsored the bill, said it simply “will allow law abiding citizens to protect themselves from criminals.”


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