One thought on “Insurance Companies May Set Up Charitable Fund for Bail

  1. Why is it when a group of students from a college establish a plan to set up a charitable bail fund for the indigent, those that support criminal justice reform think it is a groundbreaking, innovative idea? But when the commercial bail industry reaches out to help the same group of indigent individuals, with a charitable bail fund of its own, the critics immediately discredit the effort.

    If the goal of any organization is to help those who cant help themselves, like those that are truly indigent languishing away in jail, shouldn’t that organization support any and all efforts to achieve that goal…even if it comes from the private sector. I think it is incredibly disingenuous for anyone to discredit the efforts of the bail industry for trying to improve the system and solve a problem.

    I also think this type of anti-bail narrative reveals the true colors of the bail reform movement. Acting in this way, only communicates to the world that their goal isn’t to really to solve the problem, but rather to maintain their own existence and importance. It is time for all sides to get together to start focusing on ALL ways to solve these important problems as opposed to just focusing on eliminating a competing entity that threatens your relevance.

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