Police Cams Offer Troubling View of New Chicago Shooting

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Newly issued police body cameras provided a disturbing, close-up view of the tragic events and questionable decisions made when Chicago police fatally shot an African-American teen trying to flee in a stolen sports car, reports the Chicago Tribune. Officers were captured firing down the street at the Jaguar as it sped away, a violation of department procedures. Officers also were heard reacting sometimes with harsh language. “F—, man, I’m going to be on the desk for 30 goddamn days now,” one of the officers involved in the shooting said.

Chicago police expanded the use of body cameras significantly in the past eight months since the Laquan McDonald scandal as the department works to regain the public’s trust. Last week’s shooting of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal marked one of the first tests of the value of the cameras. The images show both the limits and possibilities of the new technology as investigators sort out complicated, fast-moving and tense confrontations. Nine video clips, including some from police dashboard cameras, captured officers shooting at the fleeing car while other officers appeared to be in the field of gunfire. But the body cam worn by the officer who fired the fatal shot — behind a home after a foot chase — wasn’t operating, so those pivotal moments went unrecorded.

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