Cops in Bay Area Sex Scandal ‘Likely’ Violated Policy: Chief

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Bay Area police officers accused of having sex with a woman at the heart of a major scandal likely violated department policy, Richmond, Calif., Police Chief Allwyn Brown wrote in a memo made public Sunday. In an update to city leaders, Brown wrote “the evidence will likely sustain multiple violations of policies — noncriminal — against several officers,” reports the San Jose Mercury News. Mayor Tom Butt shared the memo Sunday night in an email to constituents.

A teenager known by the alias Celeste Guap, the daughter of a police dispatcher, has claimed to have had sex with about 30 men in law enforcement in the East Bay. The departments include Oakland, Richmond, Livermore, and the Alameda and Contra Cost sheriff’s offices. She said she had sex with at least five officers before she turned the legal age of 18. Guap implicated five Richmond policemen — a lieutenant, two sergeants and two officers. One of them, school resource Officer Jerred Tong, has been placed on paid administrative leave. The five Richmond officers were off-duty and had encounters with Guap after she turned 18 last August, she has said.

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