IACP Poses 10 Questions on Crime for Trump, Clinton

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Photo via G20Voices via Flickr

The two major-party presidential candidates have not discussed crime and justice issues in much detail, so the nation’s police chiefs have come up with a questionnaire for the candidates, reports the Washington Post. The 27,000-member International Association of Police Chiefs has sent 10 questions for Trump and Clinton to answer by Aug. 15. IACP President Terry Cunningham said the group hopes to “get beyond stump speeches and sound bytes” with answers that address “arguably one of the most challenging, tumultuous, dangerous and difficult times in American policing.”

The questions include these: What is the No. 1 priority in the area of law enforcement/criminal justice that you hope to accomplish if elected? What are your plans to lower crime? What are your foreign policy priorities as they relate to criminal justice or transnational crime issues? The federal government is an important partner to state and local law enforcement agencies. What, if anything, would you do differently from the current administration? How would you respond to an incident involving law enforcement, such as a police-involved shooting or use-of-force incident that has gained national attention?

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