Boston Chief: No Volunteers for Police Body-Cam Testing

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Photo by West Midlands Police UK

Boston police are having trouble finding volunteers to wear body cameras for a pilot program, and Commissioner William B. Evans said Thursday that the department is probably going to have to force officers to wear the devices, reports the Boston Globe. Speaking at a City Council committee meeting, Evans said police hope to launch the six-month program, which will outfit up to 100 officers with body cameras in five districts across the city, on Sept. 1.

“It’s looking like we’re probably not going to have volunteers,” Evans said. “And officers most likely are going to be assigned” to wear them. Last month, police officials reached an agreement with the department’s largest union to outfit the officers with cameras on a voluntary basis, with participants receiving a $500 stipend. But Evans said Thursday that finding volunteers has been “a hard sell,” in part because the union initially resisted the idea. He said no volunteers had come forward by the beginning of the week.

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