Army Discharged Dallas Police Shooter After Disturbing Acts

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Before Micah Xavier Johnson killed five police officers in Dallas, he was discharged from the Army after investigators found panties stolen from a female soldier in his barracks room, along with prescription medicine belonging to another soldier and a grenade hidden in his sleeping bag, the Washington Post reports. The U.S. Army released documents Friday night from its investigation of Johnson two years ago, after he was accused of sexual harassment while serving in Afghanistan. The documents detail earlier signs of disturbing behavior by Johnson. The report does not explain why Johnson received an honorable discharge, given the investigator’s findings.

Johnson opened fire on police July 7 at a Dallas protest march. Before he was killed by police, Johnson told negotiators that he was angered by police shootings of African Americans and that “he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” According to the newly released Army investigation, a female soldier in Johnson’s squad reported she was missing four pairs of underwear from her laundry bag while Johnson was serving at a U.S. Army base in Eastern Afghanistan in 2014. One soldier told investigators Johnson had been “messing” with drawers in a vehicle transporting the laundry. The Post says the report details “earlier signs of disturbing behavior by Johnson.”

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