3 thoughts on “Trump Vows to ‘Fix’ Rising Crime

  1. Yes the speech was dominated by repetition and assertions such as that one year of increases in violence was caused by Obama. Yes he and his daughter pushed his experience as a real estate billionaire to sell voters that he would fix all the terrorism and violence problems in the US and across the world.

    But he drew attention to real problems of violence and poverty in ghettoes that have been largely ignored. His facts in recognising where violence is in cities were not all wrong. He mentioned the cities in the US that have rates of homicide that make them among the 50 most violent cities in the world.

    The solutions you mentioned in your article that he ignored are unlikely to solve these problems. One in three of all persons incarcerated in the US were guilty of violence – not petty drug trafficking or marginal sentencing issues. The largest loss of life from guns is among poor black men.

    While he may not have solutions, it would be good if the next President did – let´s hope by looking at evidence on what has worked and using it to make US cities safer.

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