We Cannot Ignore the Reality of Police Misconduct

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Photo by Peter Burka via Flickr

Author Heather Mac Donald’s recent critique of media coverage of protests against police abuse is unfair, beside the point—and occasionally ludicrous, writes TCR commentator Sam Walker.
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2 thoughts on “We Cannot Ignore the Reality of Police Misconduct

  1. Once again, Samuel Walker has exposed basic, hard-to-hear truths about the institution of policing–and the failure of apologists to recognize these realities.

    There are, of course, wonderful police officers throughout the country: tough, competent crime-fighters who are also sensitive and empathetic, respectful of the Constitution, and of the citizens they’ve been hired to protect and serve. Cops who have no trouble understanding why many people of color harbor resentments toward their police. It does no one any good to deny police causation in our analyses of today’s community-police conflict.

    Professor Walker’s article should be required reading for cops, activists, policymakers, and academics, from across the ideological spectrum.

  2. I want to know when the Police have wrongfully shot and killed anybody and not been prosecuted for it. If they are a bunch of prejudice renegades who go to work with the intentions of killing black people, why are more black people stopped by Police but more white people shot and killed by them. The numbers don’t lie.

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