2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Negotiating With Terrorists?

  1. I disagree that negotiating with the IRA produced the peace. Numerous IRA mistakes eventually mobilized the already-simmering dislike of them by the Catholic constituency.

    I feel that negotiating only legitimizes the terrorist and helps him/her achieve her goal.

    • If I have understood your argument correctly: the IRA were willing to negotiate a settlement because they would no longer have had the support of their constituency and had to cut their losses.

      Loosing the support of the constituency does not automatically eliminate a terrorist group from acting. If the UK were to decline negotiation with the IRA the conflict may have lasted a lot longer as there would have been no other way out for the IRA members.

      The current Sinn Féin also has a solid base of support for the their cause even to this day. IRA would perhaps have been militarily defeated eventually, but the conflict would not have come to peaceful end. Both sides were included in and support the peace agreement. Coming to a conclusions through peaceful negotiation they also strengthened the norm of non-violence on both sides. This is setting the stage for the future as a political struggle and not a military one. It is important to remember than terrorist organisations are sometimes has legitimate grievances that needs to be addressed if one wants to be able to move past the initial reason for conflict.

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