MN Victim’s Cool, Calm Girlfriend Has Turned Angry

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Diamond Reynolds was cool and composed as an anchorwoman on Wednesday night in Falcon Heights, Minn., her voice strong as she narrated the horrific scene around her into her phone that was streaming live on Facebook. By Thursday, Reynolds had given into tears, fury and grief. “She’s not calm right now,” said an aunt, Joyce Doty. “She is very, very upset right now.”

Reynolds, 26, has emerged as an extraordinary figure in the latest police shooting of an African-American, her boyfriend Philando Castilo. “I didn’t do it for pity, I didn’t do it for fame,” she told reporters and others after the shooting. “I did it so that the world knows that the police are not here to protect and serve us. They are here to assassinate us. They are here to kill us. Because we are black.” Reynolds grew up on the South Side of Chicago and works as a hotel housekeeper.

One thought on “MN Victim’s Cool, Calm Girlfriend Has Turned Angry

  1. I would like to make a statement….while I am sure there are some law enforcement officers that are dirty, and legitimately violate the 14th amendment and are incredibly racist toward individuals; these individuals are outliers in a sea of blue. That being said, there is a need to be said that not all police officers are like this, it is not right to think this way. Assuming this, assumes that all police are bad and want to kill you, to use exact words, “assassinate you.” Police put their lives in danger every single day. If told to stay still and the suspect doesn’t, that in itself is going to increase awareness. As we know when people are in the body’s state of fight or flight, people are not always going make the most essential and safe decision. They need to protect themselves, a suspect who has a license to carry and is fumbling around on the ground is not a good sign, the suspect is following absolute direction. Tell me, isn’t assuming bad things about people of different skin color, other than white, the very thing the community is trying to put an end to? Don’t do what you’re trying to prevent.

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