Video of Baton Rouge Police Shooting Was No Accident

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The powerful video that showed the troubling shooting of Alton Sterling Tuesday night in Louisiana was made by a member of Stop the Killing, a group that seeks out violent crimes using police scanners with the intention of filming them–not for the purpose of exposing police but to deter young people from crime. Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed, 43, told the Washington Post his group of anti-violence activists have filmed more than 30 killings in Louisiana since 2001.

Prompted by police scanner traffic, members of the group went to the Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge Tuesday and shot the video that has created a nationwide furor. Although the group normally uses such footage to create cautionary documentaries, Reed and his team decided to upload the video to Facebook and Instagram. “We see a great injustice, and we wanted it to be known,” Reed said.

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