NJ Ordered to Name Officers Who Shot Trenton Teen

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Radazz Hearns, then 14, took seven shots in the legs and buttocks on Aug 7, 2015, while running from the police, who said the youth pointed a gun at them. Although the identities of the officers involved were leaked soon after the shooting, the state attorney general refused to confirm them. State Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson says the AG must do so by July 20. NJ.com said in an editorial, “While a year late in coming, the action marks a welcome development in the high-profile case.”

Hearns pleaded guilty to a weapons-possession charge in family court. But the official withholding of the officers’ names placed the AG’s office between two competing imperatives: laying to rest the perception that the law-enforcement community was hiding something versus preserving the safety of officers who had not been formally charged in the shooting. NJ.com concluded, “Even if the release of those names is nothing more than a formality at this point, having them out in the open is a belated nod to the public’s right to know.”

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