Chicago “Literally Alone” In U.S. With Bloody Start To 2016: 50 Murders

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The tally of killings in Chicago this year has hit 50, making January the deadliest start to a year in at least 16 years, reports the Chicago Tribune. As many people died in January as in many summer months, the usual peak season for violence. “The violence is not gonna end. It’s getting worse,” said the mother of one victim, Gwendolyn Holiday, 51. “Every day when you turn the news on somebody’s child, son, father, brother has lost their lives for no reason. It’s senseless to me. It makes no sense. None.” By 8 a.m. yesterday, about 280 people had been shot in January. Shootings nearly doubled from last January and, perhaps more worrisome, jumped nearly 60 percent from the first month of 2012, the last year in which homicides rose above 500. John Escalante, the interim police superintendent, said while major cities across the U.S. saw upticks in violence last year, Chicago was “literally alone” with its bloody start to 2016







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