Republicans, Trying To Close Gender Gap, Focus On Domestic Violence

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Republicans face a gender gap in November's midterm elections that Democrats are trying to widen with claims of a GOP “war on women.” So Republican candidates have countered by releasing ads on a topic generating headlines thanks to the Ray Rice scandal: domestic violence, Politico reports. The spots, which often feature heart-wrenching testimonials of female victims, are among the most memorable of the election cycle.

“My ex-husband beat me with a baseball bat, threw me in a garbage can filled with snow and left me in a frozen storage locker to die,” Teri Jendusa-Nicolai says to camera in an ad on behalf of the Republican governor of Wisconsin. “At that time, I was pregnant and I lost the child I was carrying. But I fought to stay alive for my other two children, and today I am fighting for Scott Walker.” Democrats also have discussed domestic violence — and violence against women more broadly — in several recent ads. The subject is especially sensitive for the GOP. The party, eager to win the Senate this year, is trailing by double digits among women in some races amid Democrats' focus on topics such as abortion and personhood legislation.

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