Dallas News Explores Deadly Toll of Domestic Violence

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As part of its ongoing series “Deadly Affection,” the Dallas Morning News profiles three families “at different stages of recovery (to) offer a glimpse of the toll taken by domestic violence fatalities.” Every day, the paper reports, a half dozen Americans die at the hands of someone they love. Most of them are women. Many are parents. Kids who have lost a parent to an intimate partner know a peculiar kind of agony.

“You're grieving the loss of the victim, you're grieving the loss of the person who did it … that the world isn't just, it's not fair, that bad things can happen to people who don't deserve it,” said Nicole Holmes, a psychologist who works with victims of domestic violence in Denton, Texas. “It shakes your whole world view.” The Morning News is tracking every suspected domestic violence homicide this year in four counties in the Dallas area.

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