Journalists: Investigation Justified of David Gregory’s Gun Magazine Stunt

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Journalists on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” agree it’s justifiable for NBC “Meet the Press” host David Gregory to be investigated for possessing a banned ammunition magazine last Sunday in his interview with the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre. “I believe the media elites should be investigated, just like anyone else,” said Erik Wemple of the Washington Post. “The District of Columbia, the people and its lawmakers, decided that [ ] any magazine in excess of 10 rounds is a danger to the public.”

Said Wemple: “Where did he get it? Where is it now? [ ] If the people and the lawmakers decided this could be a threat to society, then David Gregory is just as suitable a target of investigation, as anyone else.” Said Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times: “A journalist should follow the law. And when it comes to knowing what you can brandish on air or not dealing with guns, especially when you have a show with an enormous staff to help you out, you should know what the law is.” Wemple and Sweet agreed with CNN host Howard Kurtz that Gregory’s action was a stunt.

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