Morgenthau Plans To Run For Re-Election At Age 90


Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau is celebrates his 89th birthday today – and he says he’s still too young to retire, reports the New York Daily News. The veteran prosecutor insists age will not stop him from seeking a 10th term next year. Loyalists are already tossing around the catchy campaign slogan, “90 in ’09.” The octogenarian crimefighter said only an accident could derail his plans. “If I broke both my legs I might not run, but if I broke one, I would run,” said Morgenthau, who has held office since 1975.

Some political insiders say a man nearly as old as the Woolworth Building shouldn’t seek another four-year term. One speculated that if the down economy leads to a spike in crime, Morgenthau might change his mind about running. “It’s unrealistic to expect him to deal with [rising crime] again,” the insider said. “He’s too old for that.” A upporter countered that the district attorney is “in full command and very engaged.”


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