Report: U.S. Marshals Ferried Broadcasters To World Series


Federal authorities are investigating whether the head of the U.S. Marshals Service in Boston assigned marshals, normally charged with tracking fugitives and protecting judges, to ferry Fox Sports broadcasters Tim McCarver and Joe Buck between their hotel and Fenway Park during last year’s World Series, reports the Boston Globe. The Justice Department’s inspector general’s office is checking whether Yvonne Bonner overstepped her authority or violated ethics rules by allegedly ordering her deputies to serve as private taxi drivers.

During two home games, two deputy marshals allegedly watched the Red Sox defeat the Colorado Rockies from the broadcast booth with McCarver and Buck, as well as Joseph Band, a lawyer who works for the U.S. Marshals Service in Washington and occasionally does work for the Fox network, officials said. Bonner allegedly instructed the deputy marshals to use unmarked cruisers to drive Band and the broadcasters to and from the park as a favor to Band, a longtime Justice Department employee. Investigators are looking into whether the deputy marshals activated their blue lights to cut through traffic as the sellout crowd jammed the streets around the ballpark. The deputy marshals allegedly flashed their badges to gain entrance to the park. Bonner refused to comment.


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