CO Sheriff’s Deputies Summon People Off Street For Jury Duty


In January, 200 residents were summoned for jury service in Weld County, Co. Only 39 showed up. The Denver Post reports that to fill the void, sheriff’s deputies walked through downtown Greeley, pulled 70 people off the street and told them they had to serve immediately under an emergency summons. “It makes a huge impact on us because we are sitting here with a judge, a courtroom, witnesses and attorneys and we are ready to go to trial, and we do not have the jurors to put in the box,” said court administrator Karen Salaz.

In a recent survey, the most common worry about serving on a jury came from the possibility of missing work. By law, employers must pay their employees regular wages up to $50 per day for the first three days of jury service. Some will do or say almost anything to get out of serving. One juror told a jury commissioner he was too good-looking for jury duty. “He said he was so darn good-looking it would distract the attorneys, judge and other jurors from pursuing the case,” the commissioner said. “It turns out he was an attorney.”


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