Guilty Verdicts Against 5 In Chicago’s “Family Secrets” Case

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Five defendants in the Chicago organized crime group the Outfit were convicted yesterday in a case known as the Family Secrets conspiracy trial, reports the Chicago Tribune.

They included James Marcello, reputed boss of the mob; Joey “the Clown” Lombardo, a reputed legendary gangland figure, Anthony “Twan” Doyle, a former Chicago police officer; Paul “the Indian” Schiro, and Frank Calabrese Sr., a reputed mob hit man. The guilty verdicts were a body-blow to the mob’s aging leadership, a determination by the jury that what prosecutors described as a broad conspiracy started by Al Capone had carried through the modern era.

Today, jurors are deliberating anew on the 18 mob slayings at the heart of the case after first hearing argument from prosecutors and defense lawyers. If found responsible for the murders, the four reputed Outfit figures face possible life sentences. The jury convicted all five men of racketeering conspiracy, extorting “street taxes,” collecting high-interest “juice” loans, running illegal gambling operations, and using violence and murder to protect the mob’s interests.

The jurors, their names kept secret even from lawyers in the case, deliberated three days last week and another hour yesterday before reaching their verdict. The unprecedented cooperation by a mob target’s relatives prompted federal authorities to code-name the probe Operation Family Secrets.


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