Austin Bars “Cops” For Featuring The Sensational


You won’t be seeing Austin, Tx., police officers frisking drug dealers, arresting prostitutes, or chasing burglars on the popular Fox television show “Cops,” reports the Austin American-Statesman. A city that promotes its police department as one of the nation’s best and usually embraces Hollywood producers said, “Thanks, but no thanks,” to the long-running series that follows officers on daily patrol duty. Production crews had hoped to begin filming Austin officers this month, but city officials yanked away the welcome mat shortly before they arrived. The move has upset some officers who wanted to showcase their work to a national audience.

Assistant City Manager Michael McDonald said the show depicts only a small fraction of the work, and usually the most sensational, that officers do each day. He fears that viewers would not get to see how officers do community policing or talk with residents in neighborhoods they patrol, for instance. “Cops” production crews filmed Travis County sheriff’s deputies in 2005 for shows that aired last year. Sheriff’s officials were allowed to review footage and help edit video. “We were pleased,” said a spokesman. “We are looking at doing more stuff with them.”


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