Profile: Man Behind ‘Biggest Steroid Bust’ in U.S. Sports

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The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday profiles Victor Conte, a key figure in “what is being called the biggest steroid bust in U.S. and Olympic sports.”

Conte does business from a drab storefront south of San Francisco. Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, or BALCO, specializes in nutritional supplements that promise to boost athletic performance.

The federal government is reportedly investigating BALCO on suspicion of violating federal tax and money-laundering laws, as well as for its involvement in a huge steroid bust. It was cited by Olympic anti-doping officials as the source of a new performance-enhancing drug found in urine samples of an unspecified number of track and field athletes.

The Times says Conte has lived an interesting life. He was a promising athlete as a young man and later played bass guitar with Herbie Hancock and Tower of Power.


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