Life of Crime: LA Cop-Beat Reporter Files Weeklong Diary

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Jill Leovy, a crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times, is filing a weeklong beat diary this week on

In her first installment, she mulls the frustrating inconsistency of media notification about crimes of note.

She writes: “I have been trying to keep track of injury shootings and homicides in recent weeks, but it is harder than I’d thought. I don’t aim to cover them all, since there is no room in the newspaper for all the people killed, let alone hurt. I simply wanted to get my own picture of the frequency of attacks. But it has been disconcerting to see how much violence goes completely unreported.”

Later, Leovy writes that a police ride-along she went on “is uneventful–or rather, eventful, but only in the grueling, relentlessly depressing manner of much police work.”


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