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San Fernando Valley Councilmen Dennis Zine and Greig Smith, both reserve LAPD officers, scuffled early Tuesday with a suspected auto thief while an aide snapped pictures.

It started out as a stunt, with the council members wanting to demonstrate what it’s like to patrol the Valley at night for new Police Commissioner Alan Skobin, a close political ally and himself a reserve sheriff’s deputy.

But it ended with the councilmen-cops subduing a violent suspect. And Smith has a 1-inch cut on his head — as well as photos taken by his chief of staff, Mitch Englander–as evidence.

The Los Angeles Daily News said LAPD officers had a jaundiced view of the episode, which is under formal investigation as a use-of-force incident.

“It was kind of a donnybrook. They’re playing (like) they’re kids,” said one senior officer.

Link: http://www.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,200~20954~1540945,00.html

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