Delinquent’s 10-Year Journey Leads to Life in Prison

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In the last of a four-part series on juvenile justice, the Washington Post today recounts the story of Kenneth Taylor, whose 10-year journey through youth facilities led to an adult prison and a life sentence for a series of sexual assaults.

Taylor, 19, traversed a Washington, D.C., bureaucracy that sends hundreds of its hardest-to-handle foster children and juveniles convicted of crimes to treatment centers in far-off states and then brings them back to a city ill-prepared to care for them. Taylor touched nearly every base of the system: four city agencies, three psychiatric hospitals, four treatment centers, three independent-living apartments and one group home.

His 10-year journey is documented in confidential case files that Taylor agreed to release to the Post. They provide a rare look at one particular path through a system that usually is closed from the public’s view.


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