Tacoma Chief “In Control of Emotions,” Boss Says

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Tacoma Police Chief David Brame “appeared under some level of stress, but he was in control of his emotions,” city manager Ray Corpuz said after the chief shot his estranged wife and killed himself in a shopping mall parking lot on Saturday.

Brame was investigated by the police department in 1989 after a complaint was lodged against him, but Corpuz said he didn’t read Brame’s complete personnel file before he appointed the then-43-year-old Tacoma native as chief, the Tacoma News Tribune reports.

Brame’s last psychological evaluation was done when he joined the department in 1981. Such checks routinely are done on new officers.

Even a fresh psychological evaluation of Brame might not have helped, said Elaine Nevins, who coordinates domestic violence programs for the YWCA and has bachelor’s degrees in psychology and sociology. “There’s no psychological profile for a perpetrator of domestic violence,” she said.

Link: http://www.tribnet.com/news/story/3027621p-3051566c.html

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